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Care Management

Our Care Management program provides seniors with the tools, support, and advocacy they need to live happy, active, and independent lives.

Empowering Seniors to age independently in 21 Orange County Cities.

About Care Management

Our Care Management team is a dynamic team comprised of social workers and care managers.
We believe in individualized care and provide an assessment of each case to create personalized care plans. Our plans may include nutrition options such as home-delivered meals, transportation referrals, safety evaluations & outside resource referrals. As funding allows, we provide limited in-home supportive services. Our Care team works closely with our volunteer-led friendly visitor program and hand-in-hand program to provide seniors with additional assistance and support based on their specific requirements and interests.
Age Well Senior Services is a non-profit organization that values confidentiality. We do not track contributions by person or amount; our services provided are not determined by the ability to contribute.

How it Works

We will assign a care manager, who will first call you to arrange a home assessment​. Once a home assessment is performed. From there, we work with you and your loved one to create a plan to best fit your needs.
These programs are funding in part through a grant from the California Department of Aging and administered by the Orange County Office on Aging.

There are 4 main goals of the program:

How We Can Help:

In-Home Assessments

Comprehensive assessment to determine the client’s current situation, background, and medical history to determine needs.

Individual Care Plans

Each client will have a care plan that is individual to them, with measurable goals that have been set and agreed upon by the client and/or involved family members.

Durable Medical Equipment

This includes connection to things such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and incontinence supplies.

Introduction to Community Resources

Connection and assistance with private and county-based programs, applications, and resources.

Nutritional Assessments

Referrals can be made to the Meals on Wheels program or other approved meal programs for our more homebound seniors.

In-Home Support Services

Referrals and assistance with arrangements to these programs for assistance in the home as needed.


Referrals for Age Well Senior Services Transportation and alternative City and County options are available.

Call to Schedule an In-Home Assessment:

I am so grateful for my case manager who helped me answer so many questions and informed me about all of the programs available to me. I had no idea and wouldn’t have been introduced to so many communities without her.”

Rick, Laguna Hills

Case Management client

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