A special storytelling event for students & seniors to share!

intergenerational stories

Join Us Friday November 19th!

Join us on zoom Friday November 19th from 10 to 11:30 AM

Join us via zoom this Friday for a special intergenerational storytelling event hosted by our friends at Dialogue Society (USC & UCLA chapters).
These cross-generation events provide a fun opportunity to meet someone that you might never meet otherwise! Bringing seniors & students together to share stories, connect, and reflect, while learning from each other.
An engaging group discussion about life that you won’t want to miss. We will be discussing experiences, memories, childhood, friendship, feelings, traditions, songs & hindsight!
How To Join: Zoom ID Below

Zoom Meeting ID: 957 5919 2113
Passcode: 047770

Email: info@dialoguesociety.us
Call: 949-297-6592
Learn More at: https://dialoguesociety.us/

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