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City of Dana Point Honors Lifesavers

City of Dana Point Honors Lifesavers'

On June 11, a senior was leaving the Dana Point Senior Center after playing pickle ball when he collapsed on the floor. Oscar Estrada, the recreation leader for the center, heard him fall and called for help. Alaka Pellock, assisting with Age Well Senior Services’ Meals On Wheels program, heard his cry and hurried to help. She felt for carotid pulse and found there was none. Neither was he breathing. While Oscar cradled the senior’s head, she started chest compressions. Another Age Well employee, Sandra Andrews, also assisted and 911 was called. A sheriff deputy then arrived, followed by the paramedics from Engine 29. They took over chest compressions. The man was taken to the hospital and luckily is alive and recovering.

The City cited Alaka, Sandra, and Oscar for their professionalism in executing the city’s emergency response plan to help a citizen in need and expressed its sincere appreciation for going above and beyond the call of duty.

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