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Luscious Jimmy's x Senior Cuisine Delivered

Luscious Jimmy’s is Back in Senior Cuisine Delivered! We couldn’t be more excited. Chef Jim’s creative approach to American and International cuisine can be enjoyed starting January 17th.
Check out his (incredible) new menu and sign up today! Choose between 4 meals, 8 meals 12 meals, which are delivered to your door (at no extra cost) throughout the week. Special New Years discount still applies. Explore the menus of Luscious Jimmy’s, and our other fantastic local restaurant partners by clicking the link below.

Sign up today to experience Luscious Jimmy's tastefully crafted menu.

Senior Cuisine Delivered is our latest approach to ensuring Orange County seniors (have meaningful options and access to nutritious meals. A few of our favorite parts of this program:
1. Affordable, healthy, and versatile weekly menus. Choose between 4 meals, 8 meals 12 meals, which are delivered to your door (at no extra cost) throughout the week. Nutritionist approved.
2. Whole family healthy approach. Eligible participants include all Orange County seniors (50+), their dependents, and caretakers.
3. Neighbors supporting neighbors. Local restaurants and caterers provide nutritious, fresh meals for OC seniors at an inclusive price point.

Sign up for senior cuisine delivered today.

Calling all Orange County caregivers, 50+ & dependents. Do you love to eat out more than your wallet would like? Or maybe you enjoy a nutritious meal, without the hassle of preparing it? Could just be looking to try something new – whatever it is, Senior Cuisine Delivered is for you.
Sign up today and pick between your meal plan. Delivered to your door. Just $9.95 per meal. Try it today. Tell your friends! Let’s eat well!


Senior Cuisine Partner: Jolanda's Cafe

Introducing the Senior Cuisine Delivered Partner series, where we highlight the amazing restaurant’s we have partnered with, explore their culinary specialties & get to know more about them!
Meet Jolanda, of Jolanda’s Cafe. Jolanda has dedicated over 30 years to creating cuisine focused on senior citizens. She has worked hard to create a food service business that is grounded in old-world values of honesty, hard work, attention to detail, and of course, quality ingredients. Combined with her inherent love of cooking and creating wonderful meals has created a business that she is proud to call her own.

Senior Cuisine Delivered: Partner Story Series

What is your food specialty?
Our food is carefully thought out and prepared with seasonal, fresh ingredients that are targeted for the seniors’ taste buds since they have been my target audience for over 30 years. My specialty is in pairing foods that complement one another while providing a balance of good nutrition and great taste.
What’s one fun fact about your food…
Numerous customers have said that our food delivery is the highlight of their day; like a Christmas gift that they’re excited to open because it’s always a pleasant surprise!

Sign up today to experience Jolanda's tastefully crafted menu.

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