Age Well Senior Services

Age Well Senior Services, Inc.
Internship Program

Age Well Senior Services, Inc. is not a government or county agency.  We are a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) charitable organization located in Laguna Hills, California.  We provide many programs designed to let seniors stay at home and remain independent as long as possible.  Our programs include Meals-on-Wheels, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Senior Center Lunch, Health & Wellness, and Case Management.

Mission Statement: To provide resources for older adults to promote their vitality and support their independence. Age Well’s internship program is designed to provide students and recent graduates with an opportunity to learn about social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.


  • The intern will learn about nutrition programs offered at our centers, funding sources, eligibility requirements and regulations.
  • Additional opportunities may include developing nutrition education presentations and/or writing nutrition articles.
  • Meals-on-Wheels home visits (this opportunity is available to students who are obtaining their RN license).

Senior Centers

  • Socialization – Interns will have the opportunity to interact with our clients in various settings.
  • Community Outreach – Create, implement, and publicize center programs/events.
  • Develop strategies to expand awareness of senior center activities in the community.
  • Evaluate programs, events, and activities, and make recommendations for enhancements.

Case Management

  • Home visits and assessments (Internship opportunities for this category are only available to licensed RN’s and licensed social workers).

Age Well Senor Services, Inc.
Internship Program

Eligibility: Graduate student; undergraduate student; or graduated from college within 6 months of beginning the internship.

Qualifications: Must have excellent oral and written communication skills, proficient computer skills, and organizational skills. Other key qualities appreciated in our interns are commitment and motivation.

General Information: Internships are offered all year round.
How to Apply for Placement: Complete the internship application below.  Submit the application along with your resume and cover letter to

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